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  • Nama Produk: Little Joe Strawberry Scented Car Air Freshener
  • Vendor: Little Joe Air Fresheners
  • Kategori: Little Joe 3D


Little Joe Strawberry Scented Car Air Freshener

Remember the fresh, delicious and juicy strawberries we all enjoyed in our childhood? Bring this smell into your car with Little Joe Strawberry

Just clip this bright pink colored air freshener to the vent of your car and enjoy a fun splash of color during your drive.

You can expect up to 45 days of strawberry fragrance in your car but Little Joe will continue to smile at you long after the scent is gone.

Our high quality air fresheners and their individual unique and custom fragrances are designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Italy. Through our strict quality control we are able to deliver an exceptional and long-lasting product.


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